The Untapped Power of Solar

Solar energy is one of the oldest forms of energy yet it is among the least exploited. When the sun rises it shines with natural light that can be converted to electrical energy but people are yet to realise the benefits of this natural and free power. Here are some reasons as to why this is the case.


Potential users of solar energy are not aware of the benefits that accrue to using the sun as a source of energy. Some have had bad experience with hydroelectric energy which is relatively expensive compared to solar. Others have nasty nightmares having used kerosene since childhood they have never thought about an alternative.

It is the lack of awareness that make potential users not to shift to solar. The sun itself is very welcoming as it shines on you every morning and enables your eyes to see yet when it sets you ditch it to hydro electricity. Is that what you do to a faithful friend?

Geographical Location

Sun does not shine uniformly everywhere on earth. The tropics and the equator receive substantially higher amount of sunlight than the Polar Regions. An Eskimo may have to make do with high electricity bills because he has no reliable sunshine to charge his solar panel but that cannot be said for someone in the equator or the tropics.

Ironically, those who live in the tropics do not pay much attention to this great source of light and energy. Worse still is that they do very little to tap it. It is said that you don’t know the value of what you have until you lose it. It would be rather apocalyptic to rise up one day and find out that the sun is not shining in the horizon. I guess you will run for the hills but will you find the direction given the darkness engulfing you like one huge blanket?

The warmth of the sun is in itself a sure sign that it desires to be embraced. Ask someone who has been in the snow the wonderful feeling of basking in the sun when they tour tropical beaches. Tourists always look back at the experience of the warm weather and its untapped potential.

Lack of Necessity

There has never been one singular threat that has worried man enough to think about an alternative form of energy. Man has been wasteful so much that he swims in satisfaction of hydroelectricity and petroleum. In other places they supplement the existing energy with geothermal power and nuclear power. Huge richness, right? Wrong. Coal, petroleum and natural gas are non-renewable. The only next option is water since hydroelectricity too is expensive given that it is generated with substantial input of diesel. In the end man will have to consider solar.

Need to Innovate

The sobering reality is that soon petroleum deposits will get depleted and the coal that is burned to fire steam engines will be extinct like dinosaurs. Solar energy is the energy of the future, it is clean, green and affordable. Scientists should spend more time in the laboratories researching about solar energy use in industries, domestic and transport sectors. This will save Mother Nature from global warming that is fuelled by poisonous gases to the atmosphere.